From Our Post Commander

Greetings Fellow UAV Post 101 Veterans (Brothers-in-Arms)!

Recently several members attended the UAV National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.  [include report to members]

In accordance with the UAV Constitution and By-Laws, the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Board are presented.

Post Commander

Who must have served three (3) years on the Executive Committee, as an elected office, to be qualified for nomination to this position, whose duties shall be to administer the affairs of the Post at and between meetings of the General Membership and Executive Committee.  He shall be held responsible for the conduct of his office, and shall countersign all checks and orders against any monies and properties emanating from the General Fund.

Junior Vice-Commander

Whose duties shall be that of Entertainment Director and shall assume such other duties as the Post Commander shall designate.


Whose duties shall be the keeping of records and files of an approved nature pf tje business and activities of the Post.  He shall keep an accutate and complete record of the minutes of the General Membership and Executive Committee meetings and shall conduct any and all correspondence.

Finance Officer

He shall be charged with the collecting, banking and accounting for all Post funds received and disbursed by the post.  He shall make a verbal report every regular Post meeting and a written and audited report annually. He shall also perform such other duties as may be consistent with his office.


He is responsible for all Post properties and procurement of such property with the right to issue it to members.


The Post Chaplain shall be charged with the spiritual welfare of the members and shall conduct all funeral arrangements.  All services and rituals shall be of a non-sectarian nature.

Membership Officer

Try and recruit any person of Ukrainian descent, who has served in the Armed Forces and has been honorably discharged or separated or who is married to a person of Ukrainian descent.

Provost Marshall

He shall maintain order at all meetings or gatherings and shall see that only members are present at regular meetings of the Post or Executive Board. He ma be assigned other duties, not in consistent with his office, by the Commander and Executive Board.

Judge Advocate

He shall be the legal advisor to the Post.  He shall perform all duties given him by the Post Commander and the Executive Committee.  He shall act as the Chairman of the Post Constitution ad By-Laws Committee and shall perform such other duties as are required f him by this Constitution and By-Laws.


He shall keep a running history of the Post's activities and shall keep such records available on call of the Post Commander and Executive Board.


Whose duties shall be to audit all Post Books and Records at least once quarterly and be assigned such other duties as the Post Commander and Executive Board designate.